Treehouse warming; the art of (co)working at your own pace


Thursday, 28 September 2017


17:00 - 21:00


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Amsterdam's very first startup decelerator

Come celebrate an exciting new chapter in coworking. One in which trust, kindness and serendipity come together to create the ideal environment for purpose driven humans to thrive.

Join our housewarming party at the brand spankin' new Treehouse Tribe coworking space (just 10 mins. from Amsterdam Central Station).

The program kicks off with a talk by Kai Brouwer, creator of the treehouse and co-founder of Funbase. He'll share the story of why and how this coworking community began, how you can get involved and what the plans & dreams for the future are.

After the introduction and a short break we'll run approx. 3 workshops in parallel for you to choose from. They will all be perfectly aligned with the theme of "(co)working at your own pace".

The program

Laid back & fun, like a proper housewarming should be!

17:00Doors open (& free play)
18:00Talk by Kai Brouwer (Founder Treehouse Tribe)
18:30Serendipitous talks, a bite to eat and a dive in the ball pit
19:30Community workshops in parallel
20:30Questions and Ideas (credits to Wiro Kuipers)

About the venue

The Treehouse Tribe is a coworking space where kindness meets business. Located just a hop and a skip (and a 2 minute ferry ride) away from Central Station, in the buzzing North district of Amsterdam.

More about the space