Treehouse time

Coworking community where kindness meets business

Based in Amsterdam

Work at your soul’s pace


Go big or go home? Nah. Just go at your own pace and make friends along the way.

Don’t do it alone

It’s important to surround yourself with people who know the struggle of being an entrepreneur.
Not just to support you when it gets tough, but also to celebrate small victories together. At the Treehouse, we support each other through the highs and lows.

Your home away from home

We offer a safe space where you don’t have to pretend. Where you can truly be yourself, be curious and feel safe to show your human, vulnerable side.
So kick off your shoes (literally) and make yourself at home in our beautiful coworking sanctuary.

Do good, make money & be happy

Forget the obsession with growth at all costs.
We encourage and help each other to slow down, take conscious steps with our business and enjoy the ride.

Just think of us as a kind of startup decelerator. :)

Meet the treehouse monkeys

The Treehouse Tribe coworking community is home to a beautiful bunch of dreamers and sparkly enthusiasts. The stage of your idea, business or intention, doesn’t matter to us. As long as you’re a kind person looking to do meaningful work and have fun along the way.

Starting entrepeneurs
Start-up change makers
Small teams (up to 5)
Freelancers & solopreneurs
Remote workers & intrapeneurs

Robin Brouwer

Co-founder of Funbase

Robin is a passionate web developer & entrepreneur on a playful revolution with Funbase.

He loves to create games, events & experiences to help others get in touch with their inner child. Robin is also co-founder and lead developer at Sparkforce, where he creates stunning websites & apps.

Sandra de Gelder

Education Changemaker & Coach

Sandra is on a mission to bring more play, mindfulness and body-mind wisdom to homes & schools.

She’s climbed the ladder to success, only to find out it was leaning against the wrong wall. Now, as founder of The Good Family and licensed hypnotherapist, she helps people flourish.

Adriana Costa

Process Designer & Facilitator

Adriana creates safe spaces for people to increase self awareness and nurture deeper connections.

She's here to help true social transformation come to be, through awareness & empathy. Adriana is alumni at Knowmads and also involved with the InSite youth leadership program.

Joëlla Chitanie

Founder of Find Geek Spots

Joëlla is connecting people and helping them find geeky activities, events & venues in their city.

She's a gamer and pop-culture fan herself and used to run the very first girl gamer community in the Benelux. Joëlla is also part of the Funbase team, where she manages everything gaming-related.

Jorik Elferink

Design thinking coach & facilitator

Jorik is making business more human through his startup unfold and The Empathy Game.

He loves to facilitate deeper connections between people for more empathy, has taught several design courses and helped lots of international teams with their process and creative output.

Marc Vollebregt

Process Designer & Facilitator

Marc helps organisations be more authentic, human and truly excellent to each other.

He’s lived and worked in France & Morocco, studied History in Utrecht and found his calling while studying Digital Business at Hyper Island—where he met some of the most inspiring people in his life.

Ineke Ligthart

Purpose driven Marketeer

Ineke is a marketing specialist helping conscious entrepreneurs make a positive dent in the world.

She's been involved in several environmental and sustainability projects and wants to help young people develop their soft skills and true talents, so they can contribute to positive change.

Joris van Gelder

Entrepreneur & business consultant

Joris is fascinated about creating strong company cultures with happiness at the very core.

Industrial design engineer turned tech startup founder, Joris now helps people consciously grow their business. He’s a real tech guy and big time Getting Things Done fan. Need a book tip? Ask Joris.

Kai Brouwer

Founder of the Treehouse Tribe

Kai is on a mission to bring more kindness, vulnerability & play to the world of business.

He's an experience designer who loves to create safe spaces for people to open up and be themselves. Kai also co-founded the Funbase play community and independent web studio Sparkforce.

Mitchell Lemans

Friendly Sales Expert

Mitch helps passionate (startup) founders grow their business & have fun in the process.

He’s all about customer experience excellence and wants to share his wisdom with highly motivated people. In the past Mitch founded Undisputed, a lifestyle fitness brand with loads of super fans.

Anneke van Woerden

Social Designer & Facilitator

Anneke helps people create things that provide sustainable, social impact in the world around them.

As co-founder of unfold, she absolutely loves getting people out of their professional bubble and into the light of fresh and surprising perspectives, people & inspiration. That's where real change happens.

Loes Berkhout

Founder of Verbindwerk

Loes gently guides people to live fully, through coaching, NVC training and holding of space.

She’s a true community builder and socially engaged entrepreneur who wants to help people find their true calling. In the past Loes founded Ondernemershuis, a hub for locally involved entrepreneurs in Zeist.

Creative heart of Amsterdam

Our beautiful coworking space is located just a hop and a skip (and a 5 minute ferry ride) away from Central Station, in the buzzing North district of Amsterdam.

Our coworking sanctuary


Let your guard down & play

We offer a space where you can get your absolute best work done and make new friends while doing so.

There are spaces to connect, collaborate, hunker down and focus on your work, but also to unwind & indulge in play (the space is used for Funbase gatherings once a month, so there’s that!).

The Treehouse may very well feel like a home away from home, but here you can actually get some work done as well ;)

Collaborate with fellow enthusiasts & embrace serendipity

We purposefully designed the space to encourage real human connection & serendipitous encounters.

On the ground floor you’ll find our kitchen area, where we check-in with each other over a cup of coffee and have our community lunch. You can get work done here as well, as long as you don’t mind the buzz of people dropping in and out to have a chat.

In the adjacent meeting room there’s space to organise workshops, have a video call or take a dive into the ball pit for a creative session.

Plenty of space to do your magic

It wouldn’t be a coworking space if there was no work space, right? We believe it’s important to provide a lot of flexibility and offer work space that improves posture and stimulates creativity.

On the 1st floor you can get work done while you enjoy the amazing waterfront view, snuggle up on the sofa with your laptop or retreat to one of the work stations in the back for even more focus. We tend to switch it up during the day, based on our needs and the type of work that has to be done.

Refuge for the restless mind

Feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed? Stop, tune in and let go. We offer a way to opt-out of the busyness of business.

Our 2nd floor Zen room is filled with lush plant life & lots of natural light. Here you can enjoy a meditation session, read a book from our shared library or simply soak up some rays on the lovely rooftop terrace.

This space is also used for all kinds of workshops and activities like yin yoga, coaching sessions and after work drinks.

Our big fluffy vision

Imagine a world where people from all different walks of life are empowered & supported to let themselves and their beautiful ideas flourish. Ideas that solve real problems. Rich with purpose & full of life.

Working on your dream company can be quite a lonely endeavour. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Friendly people Friendly price

We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from a tight knit support network like ours, no matter the stage of your business.
An idea needs fertile soil, and we are happy to offer it at a monthly fee that’s fair to everyone. Even if you just started (or want to do so).

Join the tribe for €175,- a month

Awesome value for money

  • Support network of like minded people
  • 230m² of inspiring, flexible work space
  • Space to organise workshops & activities
  • Your member profile on the website
  • Access to community events
  • Great coffee & tea included
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