Treehouse Clarity Circle in June


Thursday, 13 June 2019


09:30 - 11:30


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Realign yourself in a safe space

Do you want help with a challenging situation in your life and business (without being bombarded by well intended advice)? And would you like to form a deeper connection with your fellow Treehouse monkeys?

Step into the Clarity Circle. Allow yourself to pause for a moment. And experience how this will enable you to make discoveries and take decisions you would never reach while stuck in your to-do list.

During this hour long session—based on the Theory U case clinic—we will practice generative listening and invite the deep wisdom of our collective consciousness to surface.

Space for 5 people

If there are more than five attendees, we will split into two groups. Note: This Clarity Circle is only accessible for current members of our coworking community.

The structure

One participant, the case giver, will present a problem or challenge to the group. The rest will take on the role of coach, and can only listen, ask clarifying questions and suspend their urge of giving advice.

09:30Check-in & guided meditation
09:45Select a case giver
10:00Intention statement & clarifying questions
10:20Mirroring: images, feelings & gestures presented to case giver
10:45Generative dialogue
11:00Closing remarks
11:10Capture key takeaway(s) & decompression


  • Ferdinand Doumic
  • Kai Brouwer
  • Marjolijn

Allow yourself some pause


We've organised many Clarity Circles and can say that each and every one of them has been truly magical.

About the venue

The Treehouse Tribe is a coworking space where kindness meets business. Located just a hop and a skip (and a 2 minute ferry ride) away from Central Station, in the buzzing North district of Amsterdam.

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