Conscious Nature Walk with the tribe


Sunday, 30 June 2019


11:00 - 16:00


True connection doesn't need Wi-Fi

Leave your connected devices at home (or at least make use of the flight mode), re-connect with nature and come back to your balance.

Johannes Ebert will lead us through the largest sand dunes of Holland where we might meet some wildlife as well as different plant species, and we will finish with a refreshing swim in the sea.

NOTE: This event is a gift from Johannes to the Treehouse Tribe coworking community, so it's completely free of charge if you're a member. Please do RSVP here if you want to join!

Come with us to experience the four elements. Take a moment to ground yourself while taking your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes. Listen to the wind moving through the plants. Move your face towards the sun, close your eyes and feel the sun warming your skin. Take a swim to wash off anything negative that surrounds you.

We will give you the opportunity to set you back into balance. No matter what draws you into nature, you are welcome to join us for our Conscious Nature Walk.

Don't forget to bring:

  • sneakers or walking shoes (keep in mind that we will walk through sand)
  • weather permitted clothing
  • bathing suit/shorts
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle (min. 1 liter)
  • small snack for the walk
  • an open mind
  • open senses for what happens around you
  • dogs are welcome (due to park rules, dogs need to be on leash)

We will provide:

  • Johannes as our experienced guide & coach
  • Guided reflective questions
  • Moments to share experiences
  • Guided meditation
  • Cup of tea and a small snack on the beach
  • Entrance to the dunes
  • A guarantee to find the way back to the meeting point


We meet at Castricum Central Station and will start walking from there.

Area: North Holland Dune Reserve, Castricum by the Sea
Length: 10km (approx. 3 hours)
Access by public transport:
Access by car: Station 1901 AA Castricum (free parking)
Cancellation: In case you have to cancel, please do so 24h before the walk starts!

About Johannes Ebert

I love to walk and to be in nature. I have experience with a variety of terrains - from Austria to Corsica to Norway - and feel comfortable in mountains, nature, or by the sea. I practice meditation every day and I learned how to breathe in order to refresh my mind and soul in a different way!

Nature has given me my whole life strength and rooted me. Countless enriching experiences and moments I connect with my ways there. Allowing people to make their way into nature and accompany them there is a source of great joy to me. To see how something in us starts to shine is a gift. In my work, I use these powers and wonders that nature offers us and would like to accompany you on your way into nature.

I love to share experiences with kindred souls and to include conscious reflection and growth. I aim to facilitate with an empathic feeling for what people around me need. I always walk with my wonderful partner, Tilda my dog!

Be conscious, be open, be you


Regardless of how connected or disconnected to nature you are, this is your opportunity to meet nature again, maybe this time with different eyes.

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Castricum by the Sea

A stunning countryside, with birds, grasshoppers and maybe some unexpected animals who might cross our path. This walk is not just a normal trek. Johannes will create a space for you to unwind, reflect and get back to find your inner balance.

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